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Shanghai Chengyu Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Chengyu Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.


Chengyu Electronics was established in 2006. It is a professional company specializing in medical radiation, radiotherapy, and information center supporting equipment. The main supporting facilities include: precision air conditioners, chillers, UPS, stabilized power supplies, computer room integration solutions and MRI shielding projects , Has become a supplier of auxiliary equipment and services for MR manufacturers such as Siemens, United Imaging, Philips, Colorfulmed, Alltechmed, and GE. We take "professional, reliable, consistent, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly" as the concept of healthy development of the enterprise.

The company has introduced advanced technologies from Italy, the United States, and Germany, and has jointly designed and developed a series of medical-specific chillers and precision air conditioners with well-known domestic air-conditioning manufacturing companies. Now it has 15 utility model patents; and has reached agreements with major colleges and universities across the country. A number of cooperations provide professional supporting products for its scientific research laboratories; at the same time, Chengyu is also one of the recommended enterprises for strategic emerging industries in the 13th Five-Year Plan.

As a beacon light for medical support, Chengyu Medical's special series products have formed a stable product system, and have designed and developed special chillers and precision air conditioners for major magnet manufacturers, and have been widely recognized by the market. The company now has Shanghai head office, Shenzhen branch, Qingdao branch, Beijing office, Chengdu office, and Hangzhou office.

Chengyu Electronics has established a complete after-sales service system by adhering to the tenet of "Quality First, Service First" and the work philosophy of "Full Service Consciousness". The company has a 24-hour service hotline, and arranges engineers to inspect the equipment in the later maintenance of the equipment to eliminate potential machine hazards in time and make the unit work normally.

In recent years, our products have been exported overseas one after another. In 2018, we reached a strategic partnership with Lahr, Germany. In the future, we will increase efforts to develop overseas markets, strengthen cooperation with foreign countries, integrate resources, and strive to make Chengyu a Chinese national brand and go abroad!

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