Precision air conditioner

Chengyu electronic medical special equipment series precision air conditioner is Chengyu Electronics imported advanced technology from Italy, Germany, and the United States. After years of research, accumulation, and repeated practice, according to the requirements of the operating environment of the supporting equipment, it is specially designed and customized by technical personnel. Precision air conditioning in the computer room. The products are divided into two series, standard configuration and high configuration, which not only meet the normal operation of clinical equipment of different brands, but also fully meet the work needs of medical equipment for scientific research activities. It has been successfully applied to supporting projects of major MRI brands, such as Siemens, United Imaging, Philips, Calleford, Aotea, GE, etc.


·Professional customization to meet the needs of different brands of medical equipment operating environment

·Using imported brand compressors and famous brand high-quality components to ensure optimal performance

·All single/double system units can be modularized

·Intelligent control system: with self-diagnosis, early warning and alarm protection functions

·7-inch TFT true color touch screen, more convenient operation;

·Remote monitoring function

·Optional unique BIS safety components to upgrade the safety performance of the unit

Product performance

Filter grade is better than G4 standard

Protection function Optional phase sequence protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, water leakage protection

Insulation class F

Fire rating Class A

Safety device Optional water leakage alarm, smoke alarm, fire alarm

Information interface Standard 7-inch large-screen LCD display, full Chinese graphic display

Other features Multiple return air temperature control methods, variable set point control

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