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Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital / Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University

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Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University is a public institution affiliated to the National Health Commission and a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University. Opened in 1937, the hospital is one of the earliest large-scale general hospitals founded and managed by the Chinese. It belongs to the National Shanghai Medical College and is named in memory of Mr. Sun Yat-sen, a pioneer of the Chinese Democratic Revolution. After the liberation, it was once called Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai First Medical College and Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Medical University. In 2001, it changed to its current name. It is still in use today. It is the first batch of tertiary A hospitals in Shanghai. After 80 years of development, the headquarters of Zhongshan Hospital currently covers an area of 96,000 square meters with 2005 approved beds. There are 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and more than 700 senior titles.

The hospital has complete departments and strong comprehensive strength. The diagnosis and treatment of heart, liver, kidney and lung diseases are the focus and characteristics of the hospital, and the level of diagnosis and treatment has always been in a leading position in the country. The hospital has 1 National Clinical Medicine Research Center: Radiation and Treatment (Interventional Therapy) Center; 1 National Diagnosis and Treatment Ability Improvement Project (Cardio-Cerebrovascular); 18 National Key Clinical Specialty Construction Projects: Gastroenterology, Laboratory, Anesthesiology, Cardiovascular Medicine, Endocrinology, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Clinical Nursing, TCM Brain Disease, Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, General Surgery, Critical Care Medicine, Oncology, Medical Imaging, Organ Transplantation, Emergency Department of Medicine and Neurology; 2 National Major Disease Multidisciplinary Cooperation Diagnosis and Treatment Capacity Building Projects: Gastrointestinal Tumor and Heart Valve Disease; 22 Shanghai Key Clinical Specialty Construction Projects: General Surgery, Cardiology, Oncology, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Respiratory Medicine, Pathology, Ultrasound Medicine, Nephrology, Nuclear Medicine, TCM Emergency, Thoracic Surgery, Medical Imaging, Medical Laboratory, Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology, Endoscopy, Biomedical Materials, Organ Transplant, Myocardium Infarction, interventional therapy, minimally invasive surgery and clinical pharmacy; 3 Shanghai Women’s Health Service Capacity Building Projects: Critical Maternal Consultation and Rescue Center, Maternal Intensive Care Unit and Prenatal Diagnosis Center; Shanghai Clinical Medicine Center (the most important Heavy) 3: Cardiovascular diseases, liver tumors and kidney diseases; 8 Shanghai clinical quality control centers are affiliated: hospital infections, ultrasound diagnosis, respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine, thoracic surgery, general surgery, and Chinese medicine in general hospitals Work and hemodialysis.
The hospital has advanced medical equipment, including Spiral Tomography Adaptive Radiotherapy System (Tomo), PET-CT, 320-slice 640-slice ultra-speed spiral CT, fully digital flat-panel cardiovascular radiography (DSA), linear accelerator, 3.0T magnetic resonance tomography Scanners, Da Vinci robotic surgery systems, single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), digital X-ray imaging systems (DR), intensive care systems, telemedicine teaching systems, etc.

The equipment we provided for Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University are:
KFR-120LW A1-H2
Gree 5P
Alcy S3

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