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Gathering the potential and connecting the future together——The "those years" of Chengyu Electronics and Yimikon

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Gather the potential and connect the future

"Those Years" between Chengyu Electronics and Yimikon

On June 13, Chengyu Electronics was invited to participate in the Yimikon Group's strategic summit for elite partners held by Yimikon Group in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in the “land of abundance” with the theme of “Gathering Powers and Relying on Power, Connecting to the Future”.

The general manager of Chengyu Electronics was invited to give a speech on the stage as a partner representative, and talked about the history and past of Yimikon over the past ten years. Beginning in 2007, Chengyu Electronics and Yimikon reached a cooperation agreement. The first device was tested in Ruian People's Hospital, and the two conveniences opened an "indissoluble bond". From the start-up, listing to continuous growth of Yimikang, Chengyu Electronics has all come together. The two sides make progress together, develop rapidly, and create a win-win situation, which has made a good story in the industry.

Almost every year, Chengyu Electronics will win back the awards and medals of Imikon's annual best partner and annual distributor champion; as the sole general agent of Imikon's global medical industry, it has obtained the second 10-year authorization certificate this year . Chengyu Electronics has lived up to expectations and continues to grow. Chengyu Medical’s special series of chillers and precision air conditioners have formed a stable product system. The company has successively established Shanghai headquarters, Shenzhen branch, Qingdao branch, Beijing office, Chengdu office, and Hangzhou Offices and other branches. In recent years, Chengyu medical special equipment series products have been exported overseas one after another, and Chinese national brands have gradually gone abroad!

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Enterprises under the new crown epidemic are struggling, but the strategic partnership between Chengyu Electronics and Yimikang has not changed. Hold hands firmly because of recognition, and walk for a long time because of trust. We have surpassed business partners and existed like "family". Chengyu Electronics is grateful to Yimikang for its support and trust for more than ten years. With your strong backing, we will be so fearless and move forward courageously!

We firmly believe that the two sides must cooperate more closely,
We look forward to a more ambitious development of both parties,
We look forward to a better future for both parties!
Chengyu Electronics and Yimikang have always gone hand in hand!

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