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Chengyu Electronics wishes you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

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The annual Dragon Boat Festival is here again. As one of the four traditional festivals in China, the Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Chongwu Festival, the Dragon Festival, the Zhengyang Festival, and the Tianzhong Festival. The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival covers the ancient astrological culture, humanistic philosophy and other aspects, and contains profound cultural connotations; in the inheritance and development, a variety of folk customs are mixed together, and the festival content is rich.

Dragon Boat Festival Welfare

On this festive season, Chengyu Electronics presented its employees with customized and exquisite Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes.

I hope this "Zong Qing Zong Yi" Dragon Boat Festival tea ceremony,
Can bring you good luck and wish.

Our intentions have always been this way.

At the same time, Chengyu Electronics is also very grateful,
Those partners who continue to support us silently,
With your unrequited help,
We will get better and better!

Chengyu Electronics wishes you and your family a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

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